Best Electrician In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pro Electrician Pittsburgh is a premier electrical service provider with many years of experience in serving the community. We are highly reputable and have expertise in a wide variety of commercial and residential electrical services.

If you are in search of a qualified electrician, our knowledgeable and friendly staff will ensure you are promptly assisted with any problem you might be having.

Certified and Professional

Each member of our service staff is professionally trained and certified in the newest electrical repair and safety practices. This enables them to quickly resolve your problems and leave you with peace of mind. Our dedicated team of experts is passionate about using the proper solutions for your installation goals and repair needs. Whether the project is small and simple or big and complex, our highly-skilled staff members are willing and ready to help.


When you call for our services, we will schedule a free evaluation to assist in determining the best type of power solution for your particular goals and needs. Call one of our power professionals today for more information on our services. Our prices are competitive on all our power services. Our certified and experienced technicians will work to ensure all your electrical problems are resolved.

Our Vision

Our overall vision is one of the features of our service we are proudest of. It is our belief that our primary duty is to help our customers reach their electrical goals by learning the intricacies of their power system. As such, our staff is made up of passionate professionals who will fix your problems and provide tips on maintaining your electric system. Below are a few of the points typically addressed during interactions between our electricians and our customers:

• Customers are taught about using a plug tester to test plugs monthly. The tester will light up if there is a faulty individual plug.
• Customers are taught to watch out for certain signs that indicate service is required. These typically include things like seeing flickering lights or feeling tiny shocks when an appliance is being turned on.
• To ensure these issues are caught early, our representative will recommend the ideal time to set up routine maintenance with us.

Certified Electric Experts

It takes time to become trained and certified, but we are committed to the process. This is because we are dedicated to ensuring only the best service is delivered to our valuable customers.

Additionally, we ensure frequent updating of our certification status. This is done to ensure all our team members are up-to-date and well-versed in the latest practices within the field. This assists our clients in feeling confident about all our services, whether small or large.

Electrical Services Provided

We offer our customers the full range of services that you would have come to expect from an electrician in Pittsburgh. However, our reputation and the standard of excellence we deliver is a cut above the rest.

Protecting Your Investment

We are aware that effective and efficient delivery of our services brings value to our customers; therefore, we take each job seriously. For instance, we are aware that a proper wiring upgrade will assist in ensuring appliances function optimally and last as long as they are designed to. So we are also committed to helping you prevent costly issues and saving you money.

Faulty, old wiring can damage electrical devices, which can be problematic these days when many homes heavily depend on these devices. There are homeowners who have smart homes and invest a lot in running their homes; however, this investment could be affected by old wiring. In addition, faulty electrical wiring could cause an unwanted spike in utility bills.


We are also serious about our services because we are well aware that it can reduce the risk of danger. Research indicates that approximately 50,000 United States homes burn each year because of various electrical problems. As such, some of the following services are recommended to our customers:

• Adding extra circuits to ensure electricity stops flowing in the event a problem occurs
• Rewiring the property to ensure rooms with multiple appliances can manage the demand
• Install arc-fault circuit interrupters to trip near plugs in cases of a surge or other potentially dangerous electrical problems
• Check if there are efficient grounding or outfit trouble areas like the basement, laundry room or kitchen with ground fault circuit interrupters
• It is highly likely that after addressing your problem, one of our qualified professionals will provide a few tips you can use to enhance the safety of household members. For example, using a single outlet for a high wattage appliance is usually a lot better, especially when the room has been wired to manage the energy needs of the appliance.

You could also be advised to, as best as possible, avoid the use of extension cords, particularly if it is difficult to see them. Someone could trip over the cords and this could cause a rip, putting your home in danger. If it is necessary to use an extension cord, check regularly to ensure it is not damaged. Additionally, you should ensure the cords are well hidden to prevent the possibility of tripping.

Below are a few more services provided by our electrical contractors:

• We offer assistance to both residential and commercial customers in Pittsburgh.
• We will take care of common tasks like repairing or replacing switches and outlets.
• Our team of experts can also service circuit breakers and panels
• We also offer home generator services as being cautious is always a good thing. This is particularly true for those with medical or home office equipment.
If you are thinking about purchasing a home or having your current home assessed, our qualified electricians can help you with that as well.

These are just some of the services provided by Pro Electrician Pittsburgh; therefore, we invite you to contact us for additional information. We are always willing and ready to answer your questions and satisfy your electrical needs.